News from the wine #1

Two reports about wine, an Australian accelerator, the Milano Wine Week

Hello all.

Reports about wine trends in this terrible 2020 are coming out, and all of them say the same thing: DTC is the real winner in the wine market. So, for example, the Nielsen-Sovos report says us that DTC growth in value was 17% and off premise retail was 21%., and that DTC prices are lower than off premise ones. There’re many others interesting data on it. And the Nielsen CGA report tell us of the COVID-19 impact. These data are very important to establish a strategy for wine and hospitality. It depends on the size of every winery, as well. A little winery, a little restaurant, can’t have the same goal of greaters ones. If you are in a little town or in a metropolitan city, your target, your customers are different.

The first Australian accelerator for the wine tourism is going to start, FOMENT showed 11 new startup from around the world. FOMENT is an hub built thank a partnership between WISA, NVI (New Venture Institute) and Hydra Consulting. It’s the answer to this pandemic crisis, to develop and improve the Australian touristic offer using wine as a driver. It’s the right strategy, like we see in Italy and France, in Napa e Sonoma. The 5th greater wine exporter has to take this chance, in preparation for the end of this pandemic. The presentation was in the October, 28.

Milano Wine Week was going digital, as many others fairs did. What’s the result? In 9 days, October 3 to 11, over 3000 buyers and stakeholders of wine supply chain have had online meeting on the digital platform of the MWW. The International Tasting event was a set of 50 tastings, and 1,250 people followed the online meeting from their headquarters and locations in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Moscow. Federico Gordini, MWW’s President, said that: “Milano Wine Week has achieved a success way beyond the expectations […] making Milan the international capital of wine” (from Wine Industry Advisor). Online meeting became our daily routine, in these days; events and fairs have closed or postponed to 2021, and many people in the wine market are asking themself if the next fairs will have the same number of participants than formers years. Why pay for plane and hotel if I can taste the wine in my home, talking about them in front of a computer monitor? Yes, networking needs presence, handshakings, smiles, drinking a good wine together others wine lovers is better. Perhaps next year we’ll choose our preferred wine event paying more attention. Less fairs but more productive?

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