First 7 investments in wine tech

Funding for platforms and devices

In the United States, investments for wine tech amounted to 924.4 M$ in 2019, well below the 20 B$ in the food and agritech sector.

So, it’s clear that wine tech is a little narrow niche; nevertheless, there is a lot of activity inside. All aspects of the world of wine have been touched by technological innovations, from production systems to sales. The impression is that of a spring that is still charging, waiting to explode.

These hard times accelerate use of digital facilities, and many people will continue to use them also when the pandemic is over. Early Adopters, people who search new sites, new platforms, new apps, will be very important to digital culture development. About wine, not only wine lovers, but wholesalers, winegrowers and all whom look at new solutions for their problems. Online tasting and fraud prevention are two other sectors growing. 

Yet there would really be all the possibilities, from new containers to reduce CO2 emissions to more effective distribution systems. All data are from Crunchbase.

Drizly $ 119.6M

The latest fund was $ 50M in August 2020 from Avenir Growth Capital, a New York-based private investment firm. $ 70.2M

The latest investor was Goldman Sachs in November 2018

Coravin: $ 64.3M

The latest round of investments in 2016 brought in $ 22.5 million from Quadrille Capital.

Vivino: $ 63.8M

The latest fund was $ 7.5 million in December 2018.

Lot18: $ 44.5M

The latest fund is from 2011 and amounts to $ 40M.

Winc: $ 43.9 million

In 2019, Winc received $ 12.3M, of which  $ 10M from Tokyo’s Cool Japan Fund.

Vinventions: $ 40M

The first fund came in 2015 from Bespoke Capital, of which Marc Noel (Vinventions founder) is president

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