Another useless newsletter?

May be not, I hope....

Hello from Italy.

So, another newsletter about wine, you say. Well, not exactly. But, let’s I explain you what my words will be about and who I am.

My name is Rolando, from Rome, Italy. I’m 59 old, a wife, two sons.

I work with computer and digital technology since 30 yrs, my specific sector of competence are infrastructure monitoring systems. Ok, may be this have no sense for most of you. Short story, I’m digital addicted.

And I’m a wine lover and a sommelier (I was it). Three years ago I created a blog, now it’s name is The Digital Wine, where I write about winetech and agritech sometimes. After some changes, now you can read my posts here in Italian, and here in English. In 2019, July, I created my Italian podcast The Digital Wine (you can find it on Spotify, iTunes, here and on my blog), there are 90 episodes until now. I have a newsletter in Italian where my subscribers receive news, reports, insights. You can find it here. It’s all about how digital technologies and wine business can work together.

Now is time to expand my audience to English language, too

If you want follow me in this project, you will receive post, news and sometimes podcast episodes in English. I’d like this newsletter to become a news container about wine industry, wine tech, digital innovation in Wine&Food, a place where you can find interesting reports and some tutorial for wine business digital transformation.

Paid subscribers will receive two mails for month , free ones only one. I hope to double the frequency in short time.

It’s the first time I try to write a newsletter in English language, and I know you are very addicted people about these items. So, if I’m going to write something wrong, don’t hesitate to let me know it. This newsletter can grow thank your ideas, your suggests, your needs. Feel free to write me when you want.

Before you close this email, another thing.

Paid subscribers can add their logo, if any, to this newsletter and to my blog The Digital Wine. Send it me, I’m going to add it at the bottom of the newsletter, as well.

Well, it’s all. Thank you for read and for your time. And, as I greeting in my Italian podcast: Drink in moderation and never before drive.

At the next glass, Ciao!

I know my English isn’t so good, but I hope to improve it soon.

Follow me on Twitter and Telegram as Wineroland. Here there are the channel The Digital Wine and the group The Digital Wine lovers.